Sunday, December 10, 2006

Instead of making cards, I have been using every spare moment to finish a Hope album project for Christmas - my DSS Nathan is going to receive this album. I was so happy with the result! I sure hope DSS likes it too. There are two more albums to make for the other two 'kids' in 2007.

I also need to work on my own family album – I am just starting out with Creative Memories techniques and materials and the task before me is enormous as I am a compulsive phot-taker and have boxes of pics to sift through, but I think I will just take one little bit at a time – what I get done will be better than never doing anything, right?

Will be back making cards again soon, all you lovely people at Daring Card Makers!


Lythan said...

Wow you have been busy. Wonderful work Susan!

Pearl said...

So this is what you've been up to Susan ! How precious ! A gift for your son's heart ! Nothing beats taking care of the heart ! lol I'm sure he'll treasure it !

Gillian said...

The woman who works with her hands only is a laborer,
The woman who works with her hands & her head is a Crafts Woman,
The woman who works with her hands, her head & her heart is an Artist.
St Francis of Assisi.

I'm sure he'll love the work of an Artist.... Beautiful Susan.

Anonymous said...

WOW! Susan, I love the album!! What an awesome gift to be cherished forever. All of the scriptures that you chose are beautiful. This has totally inspired me to do something similar! You're awesome! :o)