Monday, August 21, 2006

DH's 50th

I finally got my DH's card finished, in spaces when he wasn;t around to watch! He does know I will make him a card but this time he has no idea what it will look like - I borrowed the stamp I used so he won't have a clue! I made it big enough for everyone who is coming out to dinner with us tomorrow night to sign. It should be a nice keepsake for him. WHen I think back to a decade ago when he turned 40, that was one thing I would have liked to have had - a memento of who was there that night. So this decade, we have one! He LOVES to fish, so I thought this might be appropiate for him. It was fun to make the fish shine with a silver gel pen.


Michelle said...

He's going to love this card! I really like how you layered it and the way you colored around the sun. Too cool!

Anonymous said...

Hi Susan! Thanks for stopping by my blog to say Hi! Sending California hugs your way! :o)

Love the birthday card too! What a great memento for your DH, I'm sure he loved it.